CRC-ACE Review Center: A Review

CRC ACE LOGOCRC-ACE became my review center of choice during my review classes. I cannot review the other review centers since I did not enroll in their classes, hence my review will be limited to CRC-ACE. CRC-ACE is located at 3rd Floor Villaroman Bldg. 873 Padre Campa Street Corner España Sampaloc, Manila. There is a giant sign when you reach Padre Campa Street so you can’t miss it.

CRC ACE location

Under the school a 7-11 store is located.  The facilities are as follows:

  • Three air conditioned rooms for classes.
  • Rest rooms for ladies and gents (during break time, you will see a line in the ladies room)
  • An air conditioned library. (The library is quite big so there will be no problem)
  • Printing office (this will be the go to place when you lost your handouts or have not received your handouts)
  • Admin Office (this will be the go to place for payment of tuition or asking the reviewers some questions)
  • Honesty Store (the school store which,as the name suggests, that is unattended just like those found in Batanes)

The handouts of the school is given in a booklet type format (pictures below):

IMG_6090 IMG_6092 IMG_6096

The atmosphere of the review center is very relaxed and conducive for learning. I did not feel the pressure when board exam came near because I did not feel it in the review center.

Mostly, the number one reason of students when choosing a review center would be the reviewers themselves. CRC-ACE, at present, has the following line-up :

  • Mike Tui– He handles Practical Accounting 1 . He presents the concepts first then he guides the students when solving the problems. He presents examples in a funny way mostly related to food. I learned a lot from him. He made employee benefits, Earnings per share and accounting for taxes a walk in the park.  He also presents alternative ways in solving problems which will save reviewees a ton of time. 
  • Ester “Irog” Ledesma– She is the mother figure of the review center. She handles Theory of Accounts. She has a mastery of the subject and she updates students with new standards because she is a member of the FRSC. Her problems are somewhat  “nosebleed” because of the new terms like Cap and Trade Scheme, Environmental Accounting etc. Her style of teaching includes giving examples and concepts. She explains in a way that you will say “Ahhh! Ganun pala yun”
  • Roel “Bossing” Hermosilla– He handles Practical Accounting 2 and Taxation.  I appreciated taxation because of him. He speaks in a silly manner.  He is always ridiculed because of his bald head :). Kidding aside, his teaching style is a step by step basis or “dahan-dahan” . Take note he hates late comers and inattentive students. Although some students see him as “masungit” or “matapang”  but I saw his concern for students. He always tells that we should sleep early and have a social life.
  • Jacqui Moreno– She handles Auditing Theory. Her explanations are well detailed. Some students find her boring but I find her just ok because she explains the subject skillfully.
  • Franklin Agamata– He handles Management Advisory Services. He likes to give green jokes to break the stress or sometimes he sings. Sir Frank’s teaching style explains the concept first and he is very approachable when you have questions. Sir Frank also gives real life example of the concepts. He has a creepy necklace and his voice is like the ones in pork chop duo.
  • Jekkel Salosagcol– He handles Auditing Theory and Auditing Problems. The tip that I could give is that he likes to fool around with students and sometimes he gives the wrong answer. He explains the concepts very well and explains why the answer was wrong. He also gives time saving tips when solving Auditing Problems.
  • Atty. Mary Ann Sagana– The third dame of CRC-ACE. She handles Business Law. Her teaching style is very good and no dull moments. She teaches Business Law in a way that you can relate to. Along with Sir Jekkel, her classes are jam packed. She likes to poke fun at student who make CRC-ACE a “hotel” (madami kasing natutulog 🙂)

For additional information their facebook page is always updated:


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