CPA Review! A few more steps to go!

Graduation marks a new milestone for the budding CPA. After graduation, a CPA candidate will most likely enroll in a review school. CPA review normally means enrolling in a review school or center. In the Philippines there are at least five widely known review centers found in Metro Manila, these are:

  • CPA Review School of the Philippines (CPAR)
  • Review School of Accountancy (ReSA)
  • Casiño Review Center-Accountancy Center for Education (CRC-ACE)
  • Professional Review and Training School (PRTC)
  • and the super famous Self-Review Center (SRC)

Okay the last one was a joke (hehe) but a lot of new review centers are gaining recognition. National Review Center (NRC) is one. The list given is not exhaustive because there a lot of new review centers being formed outside Metro Manila.

Choosing a Review Center

Although a review center will not guarantee a passing grade in the CPA board exams, a well chosen review center will make your review period a more pleasant one. Here are a few tips in choosing a review center:

  • Proximity: Most reviewees choose a review center when it is near their house. If you live in the provinces (just like me) and rents out a boarding house, proximity would not be a major reason in choosing a review center.
  • Atmosphere: Are you a lone wolf? Do you like to study with groups? Do you love competition? Can you handle pressure? Atmosphere must be considered in choosing a review center. Why? Some review centers emit a competitive atmosphere and not all reviewees can handle the pressure. Choose a review center that matches with your nature.
  • Pacing of the review center: Are you there for a review or preview? Let’s face it not all schools are capable of finishing every topic found in the CPA Syllabus. In my review experience, there are a lot of topics that I only learned in the review center. Like my classmates, I always utter “Hindi naman  tinuro satin to ah!” or ” Andami ko pang hindi alam!”  Some review centers assume that you are there for a review, meaning you already know the topic and some review centers are patterned in a zero-based approach (meaning, you had amnesia of the topics) or a preview approach.
  • Fees: If you are on a budget then I suggest choose a review center that will not burn a hole in your pockets. Just like me, which came from the provinces this played a factor in which review center I would go because I had to factor in my living expenses ( i.e boarding house, food and transportation)
  • Facilities: When choosing a review center I suggest you scout the review center of your choice to see the facilities they offer. Some things to look out for: Is the library big enough? Are the rooms wide enough? etc.
  • Schedule:  Are you a full time reviewee or a working reviewee?  Working reviewees have work during the day and can review only during the night or on weekends. 

As I said earlier a review center will not guarantee a passing mark but will make your chances of passing increase.


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